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Week 2: Results

Now that we're sorta back on schedule~
Goodbye to one more person...

Members Choice

Results Tally:
#01: -1 points, +2 points (+1 overall points)
#02: -4 points, +0 points (-4 overall points)
#03: -0 points, +1 points (+1 overall points)
#04: -1 points, +3 points (+2 overall points)

Comments for eliminations: (remember don't take them personally, they are merely to help you grow as an icon arist)
01 - It's really hard to vote one out this round, but the colors in your icon weren't quite as striking as the others - they're too soft, just aren't as remarkable as the other icons.
02 - Icon seems oversaturated and oversharpened.
02 - Haruhi is over-coloured, and the font is difficult to read (I've stared at it for a while now but still couldn't figure out what the text is supposed to be?!)
02 - The gradient for the text is really saturated and distracts me from looking at the image. I think with that typeface the kerning is too tight and it's hard to see the i's; I can read it because I already know the saying.
02 - The image itself seems overly sharpened and the text is hard on the eyes. Maybe a darker font or removing the glow would help.
04 - I like the composition of the icon, but the colors are drab and kinda make the icon dull.

Comments for members choice: ^^ we all love comments.
01 + I love the crop and the textures you used! The icon looks very well put together.
01 + I really like the coloring and the blur quality; it gives the image a surreal effect.
03 + Nice colouring, text also matches pretty well with the image!
04 + Admittedly, you get points for going on an entirely different part of the icon than anyone else. And Takashi is quite a good knight.
04 + It's simple, but it fits the text and is nice to look at. The light flares are a good touch.
04 + I like the coloring and text, simple though it is. It isn't too sharp or bright.

If you would like a banner, please comment saying you will like a banner.
Banners will be made by me. :D Excuse if there's any lateness though.
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