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Week 1: Results

Goodbye to one more person...

Members Choice

Results Tally:
#01: -0 points, +2 points (+2 overall points)
#02: -0 points, +0 points (0 overall points)
#03: -1 points, +1 points (0 overall points)
#04: -1 points, +2 points (+1 overall points)
#05: -9 points, +0 points (-9 overall points)
#06: -0 points, +4 points (+4 overall points)
#07: -0 points, +1 points (+1 overall points)
#08: -0 points, +1 points (+1 overall points)

Comments for eliminations: (remember don't take them personally, they are merely to help you grow as an icon arist)
3 - The tinting on the image, while interesting on the background, has washed out the characters, making it so the texture in the bottom corner catches the eye more than the characters do.
4 - While I like the concept for this icon a lot I think the icon needs to be darker/higher contrast because it is difficult to see the image clearly or read the blue text.
5 - The image coloring is dull, like nothing has been done to the crop. Also, the text is blurry and difficult to read. Maybe brightening the colors & sharpening the text would help.
5 - The icon lacks contrast; the concept would be a lot stronger if the characters stood out more.
5 - Although the crop is nice, the picture coloring seems a bit washed out and the icon needs more contrast and brightness; maybe another font and text placement would look better with the overall design as well.
5 - Too dark text against that background - blends in too much. Also, I find the whole icon too dark.
5 - Sorry, I think the text kind of ruins the icon, and the colour is a bit dull ^^;;
5 - I like the composition, but I think the colouring too dark for an icon centered around love.
5 - The coloring of the icon is very dark--the contrast or levels need to be adjusted. Also, the crop could be centered more to give focus to the image, rather than the text or the dark spot in the bottom half of the icon.
5 - I don't like the font used
5 - the icon is very dark, with subdued colors that don't stand out. The text arrangement is awkward to read.

Comments for members choice: ^^ we all love comments.
1 + I really like the coloring! the icon is very pretty, has a nice composition and good use of resources, the tiny text brush adds a lovely touch too~
1 + I love how soft it looks
3 + I love the use of textures in this icon! It has a very dreamy look to it that sets the mood nicely.
4 + It made me laugh when I saw it. I love Tamaki's moments like that.
4 + I like how whimsical the typography is; it really matches the tone of the image!
6 + The image is very bold and eye-catching, and the font and font color really work nicely to complement the image.
6 + Beautiful coloring and easy to read text. Very fitting and overall appealing.
6 + I really like the text style, the coloring, and the cropping. Very effective.
6 + (no reason stated)
7 + I love the crop and the coloring! The background texture fits really well and the little heart is a very nice touch.
8 + Lovely warm colors and nice contrast. The light texture is a nice touch.

If you would like a banner, please comment saying you will like a banner.
I believe banners will be made by me...
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