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Week 3: Results

Goodbye to one more person...

Members Choice

Results Tally:
#01: -0 points, +5 points (+5 overall points)
#02: -0 points, +1 points (+1 overall points)
#03: -6 points, +0 points (-6 overall points)

Comments for eliminations: (remember don't take them personally, they are merely to help you grow as an icon arist)
03 - I think this coloring really creates a loss of contrast which isn't ideal for this image because it becomes even harder to find a focal point :)
03 - The concept is creative but it has a crowded effect itself; the icon could have also more brightness and/or light textures.
03 - The colouring makes it hard for the viewer to see what is happening in the icon.
03 - Interesting idea, but the colours aren't appealing to me, and it just seems a little too busy.
03 - The icon (image plus text) is a bit too busy, it's kinda difficult to spot the focus ^^;;
03 - The image seems a little too busy, especially with the text overlapping. Maybe a closer focus on the characters and or removing the text would help overall.

Comments for members choice: ^^ we all love comments.
01 + The brushes used and the bright coloring really match the mood of this image.
01 + The coloring is lovely and it has a good balance with contrast and brightness; the crop is nice too.
01 + Interesting crop. I also like how the the textures and colours blend together to create a very positive looking icon
01 + I actually had a hard time between you and 02, both are adorable, and I like the composition and softness of both, but you get extra points because Honey is my favourite character.
01 + The rounded edges are a nice touch, the coloring seems a little too light. Darkening it a little might help the character stand out more. The background is a nice touch to keep the flow and not have the character seem like he's in empty space.
02 + (no comment)

If you would like a banner, please comment saying you will like a banner.
Banners will be made by me. :D Excuse if there's any lateness though.
Tags: round 13 week 03: members choice
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