Mango (mmrobitussin) wrote in ouran_lims,

[Mod] :: [Official Closing]

Dear ouran_lims,

Thank you for 13 wonderful rounds of ouran_lims! We have now come to the crossroads of where we shall now part. I am officially shutting down Ouran_lims due to lack of member participation and lack of moderator time.

This closing is very much long overdue and various attempts at revival have left me tired of trying to revive it some more. For those of you who still watch and participate, thank you. You all have been wonderful participants.

As of today ouran_lims is officially closed until further notice.


In regards to banners being requested from this and previous rounds, I will still make them. If you have a banner you would like to request, please comment on this post with a link to your win. Round 13 winners should comment on their respective posts for member's choice and participation banners.
Tags: !mod
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